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Shanghai Tianyun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Tianyun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai North High-tech Park, is the member of Shanghai Environmental Purification Association. Tianyuan’s trade mark is “BOSSTAR”, it is specializing in the research and production of plasma air sterilization purifier in China.
Tianyun Co., has several intellectual property plasma air sterilization purifier patents, 2pcs PCT international patents. Tianyun Co., products won Shanghai Invention and Innovation Second Prize, 2012 Shanghai Key Recommendation New Products. 2013 April the Fourth China Cleaning Industry the supreme authority awards -- Indoor environmental purification Best Brand "Diamond Award". "Bosstar" STD plasma air sterilization purifier is identified as 2013 Shanghai high-tech achievements project in Sept.
After the National Indoor Environment and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center testing, "Bosstar" plasma air purifer disinfections sterilization rate is 99.9%, PM2.5 removal rate is 99.9%. 
Our patent products are referenced with the Ministry of Health on "indoor air quality standards", Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Standards and Metrology has been audited and recorded our enterprise standard “Plasma Air Purifier disinfection”.  Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Consulting Center Noveltied our plasma air disinfection and purification patented technology projects, as "reached the international advanced level, the domestic leading level."


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