Did Branch Warren Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Branch Warren AKA Quadrasaurus, a man with a lot of dense muscle and the biggest enigmas in bodybuilding.

The Branch career in a bodybuilding seen in the 20-years being with a balanced and chiseled physique.

Branch Warren

He is well determined as all-time best physically.

Mr. Warren is one of a massive physique in the bodybuilding if I’m not wrong.

The Branch Warren transformation is actually incredible as heavy most muscular from top to bottom.

A man with a short height had bulked-up with a 260Ib on a stage.

Some Of The Major Achievements:

IFBB professional bodybuilder had placed third in Olympia (in the year 2009 and 2010).

When Olympia in 2011, he got an injury so Branch would not recover completely.

He took first place at the Arnold classic in the year 2011 and 2012

He weighs around 270Ibs in off-season

Before making a professional debut in the year 2004, he already won the two contests: Charlotte Pro championships 2005, and Europa super show 2005.

He also won Australian Grand (2012) And the British Grand Prix (2011)

Statistics Of Branch Warren:
  • Height of the body: 5’6’’ (168cm)

Weight Of The Body:

  • Competition weight: 260Ibs (117.9kg)
  • Off-season weight: 270Ibs (122.4kg)

Whenever there is a conversation of professional bodybuilder and those who are famous in order to have the greatest physique, you begin to hear some steroid accusation and practice of steroids.

In most of the other cases, you also noticed the claims of HGH, insulin and other drugs.

So it is true that Branch Warren took a steroid or whether he is completely natural.

We have collected some evidence for reaching towards a reality.

Let’s have a look

Specific Range For A Natural Bodybuilding

To compare the weight of a bodybuilder with the natural standard is helpful for distinguishing between the natural one and juicer.

Branch Warren bodybuilding

There are some factors which depend on the gaining of weight.

Most of the individuals are genetically freak and developed bigger physique combined with a variety of workouts.

It is unbelievable in the case of Branch Warren that how is it possible for the shortest man to put up a lot of weight.

A man with 5’6’’height can gain naturally 142Ibs or 65kg without using any illegal drugs and roids.

Whereas Branch exceed a normal range and 18Ibs higher than a normal range

It is possible by some kind of hard work and high-intensity training to exceed 3-5Ibs, buts it sounds Impossible to directly jack 18Ibs. Wow!

Although only this evidence not only enough to justify the statement.

We have others also for clearing a Branch Warren steroid accusations.

Phil Heath And Branch Warren:

Branch is much leaner and bigger as compared to the Phil Heath

Phil Heath is 6x Mr. Olympia champion and a professional IFBB bodybuilder.

Phil height is 5’9’’ and weight around 240Ibs and he had admitted to steroid practice

While Branch is 3 inches shorter and 20Ibs greater than Phil Heath

Physical Appearance:

Branch Warren BicepsTo observe a physical appearance is definitely helping you to identify.

There are a variety of symptoms which will appear after the steroid use.

While there are many other drugs available that can reduce the adverse effects of steroid and inhibit estrogen effect.

Steroid Gut: Positive

Did you ever see a bodybuilder with large bellies?

There are many bodybuilders who developed a steroid gut (large bellies).

But why it is developed even you do a lot of workouts and follow a strict nutrition?

It is a common side-effect of HGH and Insulin use.

The swollen steroid gut is developed by a synergistic effect of Insulin, HGH and other stacking.

Dark Color Of Skins: Positive

The steroid use turns a skin color into a darker.

Skin color is change because steroids can increase an internal temperature of the body for improving metabolism and shredded of excess fat.

While, as a result of body internal mechanism excess heat of a body excrete through skin pores in order to prevent internal organs, result in the dark color of skin

Thinning Of Hair: Positive

This is really ridiculous!

Branch always appears with no hair on the head so how can we identify?

The point is to consider why he did not have hairs on the head since his career in the bodybuilding.

In a few of the pictures, you can see his head with a very thin hair

Thinning of hair is due to the imbalances of testosterone and another hormone level

Whenever you stop taking the steroids, so it returns to normal growth.

Bigger And Wide Traps: Positive

Branch Warren ShouldersHe has a bigger and wide trap due to steroid

Steroids target the shoulders in very first due to an increasing amount of androgenic receptors are found.

No one compares the Arnold as aesthetic physique, smaller waist, and very defined body.

The natural bodybuilder has a very tiny waist and natural traps.

Gynecomastia: Positive

The long-term steroid use can cause gynecomastia.

A condition in which the enlargement of male breast due to a high level of estrogen hormone in male

Enhanced Vascularity: Positive

There are many reasons for increase vascularity such as decrease in collagen production, aging, genetics, and steroid use.

Steroid can cause thinning of skin so the veins become prominent or enhanced.

Branch Warren Steroids

Branch had probably taken the steroids, insulin and, HGH for the purpose of bulking.

Branch Warren steroids or natural

The steroids may include Dianabol, Sustanon, Testosterone, Trenbolone Acetate, And Decadurabolin.

These steroids play role in the bulking and cutting of the body.

The steroid is not only responsible for giving you all types of desired result, It is crucial to follow roles simulataneously, such as combined with exercise and proper nutrition.

Thus we mentioned the workout and proper nutrition of Branch Warren

Branch Warren’s Workout:

Branch Warren training is a combination of old-school heavy iron training and high volume training.

He trains with Jonnie Jackson, who was known as the world strongest bodybuilder.

The heavy-weight exercises are designed for the bigger muscles.

Branch combined heavy-weight to moderate exercise for balance and toned his physique.

Pre-Olympia workout sample has an advanced level of training.

The main goal of training is built of muscle and 12 weeks of the program duration.

The equipment are barbell, cables, body weight, dumbbells, and machines

Branch trains for five days per week in which Wednesday and Sunday are Off.

Monday targets back by a variety of exercises such as Barbell Row, Lat Pull-Down, Incline T-Bar Row, Seated Upright Row Machine, Seated Low Cable Row, And Bent Over Dumbbell Rear Laterals.

3 sets of each exercise by following the 10 reps.

Tuesday consists of the exercises for chest for example, Incline Bench Press, Hammer Strength Incline Bench Press, Cable Crossover, And Dumbbell Bench Press.

Thursday workout regimen targets arm by the following exercises: Standing Dumbbell Curl, Preacher Barbell Curl, Tricep Push-Downs, Seated Dip Machine And Rope Triceps Pushdown.

Friday is specific for legs by exercises: leg extensions, squat, hack squat, leg press, and seated leg Curl.

Saturday is consists of Deadlift, Squat, Side Lateral, Upright Row, And Dumbbell Front Raise.

Branch Warren’s Diet Plan:

The diet of a bodybuilder is focused the building of muscles.

Branch Warren Mr, OlympiaProtein is a vital part of his diet due to the growth of muscle.

Protein diet also plays a role to repair or recover the damage muscle or tissues.

The other crucial part of his diet is carbohydrates for increasing the energy level in the body.

The fats are also associated with the increase gaining.

Other nutrition includes vegetables, whole grains and fruits to fulfill a deficiency of minerals, fibers, and vitamins

The typical diet plan consists of the 6 meals

Meal Diet
Meal 1 5 Egg Whites, Red Meat, And 1 ½ Cup Oatmeal
Meal 2 9 Oz. Fish, 1 Cup Vegetables, 1 ½ Cup Rice
Meal 3 9 Oz. Chicken, 12 Oz Potato
Meal 4 9 Oz. Fish, 1 ½ Cup Rice
Meal 5 9 Oz. Chicken, 12 Oz. Potato
Meal 6 10 Egg Whites



Branch Warren had not tested for drugs from the strict bodybuilding federations.

These federations where Branch tested, consist of the tests which do not have an ability to identify the natural one and steroid user.

All of the physical evidence shows he probably took the steroid for a transformation.

However, our aim is not to criticize someone for drug users.

Our article is just for the information purpose.